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CCTVRoom - Tacoma Southsound 222 e 26th St. Suite 105
Tacoma, WA. 98421 98402

Parking: Parking lot/garage behind building.

Please Call 253-683-2288 to make an appointment.

About us

CCTVRoom does one thing and does it very well. We help you see your future and watch your back by offering the absolute best in closed circuit surveillance systems. As many satisfied clients will attest, CCTVRoom has established a stellar reputation for delivering the right product - at the right cost - right out of the gate. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the professionals at CCTVRoom are expert at educating and guiding clients into making informed decisions that assure wise choices and optimal performance from their chosen system for years to come. The staff at CCTVRoom takes great pride in offering solutions that exceed customer expectations in both performance and service.

 CCTVRoom is conveniently located near I-705 in downtown Tacoma, Washington and its new showroom allows clients the opportunity to familiarize themselves with CCTV and all its permutations, in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Recording Technology

The array of systems we offer is unmatched. Depending on your individual needs, we can provide an inexpensive H.264 based systems for rudimentary observation and playback, an Ultra-High Definition surveillance with advanced recording and monitoring, or anything in between. Our high grade system includes state of the art motion based analytics so you can find events and retrieve evidence immediately. This high grade system, known as S-VIDIA, is ahead of security camera technology found on the main stream market. Compatibility with legacy camera technology, modern Internet Protocol cameras, and with constant integration with emerging camera technology ensures you will be future proofing your security infrastructure for many years to come. Though H.264 based systems may meet the current requirements of the average user, it is not the optimal security investment for a business owner or a government agency. As regulations evolve in response to shortfalls of this older technology, we believe S-VIDIA will continue  be a pioneer in the CCTV Industry.

Camera Technology

We offer a wide range of cameras and other hardware.  Analog cameras provide low resolution viewing and recording capabilities, but are offered at a very low cost.  Modern technology allows for higher resolution recording, and we offer cameras that support resolutions greater than full HD, like you may be used to on your home television.  Greater camera resolution will provide better clarity, but regardless of the type of cameras you choose, CCTVRoom will be able to maximize their performance. No matter what your needs are, big or small, CCTVRoom will meet or exceed your expectations.  

We are looking forward to working with you
in securing your most valuable assets.

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222 e 26th St. Suite 105 Tacoma, WA. 98421
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