About us

CCTVRoom is the leading company in Washington dedicated to high quality professional video security equipment and service. Conveniently located near I-5 in downtown Tacoma, we conduct business throughout the state and country. We are constantly developing new ideas for video security as well as improving on existing technologies, all for our customers’ benefit. CCTVRoom is owned and operated by father and son, offering professional yet personal service and support.

Our new showroom allows customers to test and learn about CCTV equipment products before they make an investment. Our goal is to give you the necessary tools to make the right decision the first time. There are a lot of CCTV products on the market, and too many investors base their decisions on inexpert information. Speaking and working with CCTV industry leaders directly allows us to follow daily advances in CCTV technology in ways a non-specialty security company cannot. Backed by this and 23 years of experience in personal and property security, we are always qualified and ready to give you sound advice for your next security investment.